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The North Bay Watershed Association is a group of diverse regional and local public agencies throughout the North Bay region working to craft regional approaches to managing our common watershed.

Association members work cooperatively on water resources issues and go beyond traditional boundaries to promote good stewardship of the North Bay watersheds – watersheds that drain 850 square miles of eastern Marin County, Sonoma County, southern Napa county, and portions of Solano County.

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  Save the Date: April 6, 2018

How can the North Bay work together to manage water resources in the face of increasingly severe natural disasters and a changing climate?

Join the NBWA at the 2018 conference as scientists and regional leaders discuss strategies to build resilience in North Bay water resources.

Conference registration will begin in January, 2018 at www.nbwatershed.org/conferences/.

Next NBWA Board Meeting

May 4, 2017

Novato Sanitary District

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Wired: After the Napa Fires, a Disaster-In-Waiting: Toxic Ash

The devastation [caused by the fires] leave behind another potential disaster: ash.

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Featured Conference

NBWA Bi-Annual Conference

Extreme Future: Fire, Floods, a Rising Bay

April 6, 2018

The conference will bring together key leaders and stakeholders from around the North Bay to explore how the region can move forward to effectively manage our water resources in the face of increasingly severe natural disasters and a changing climate.

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